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On Monday March 22, 2021, New Bedford Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro and New Bedford Police Community Liaison Melissa Batchilder visited Masjid Al Ehsan of the Islamic Society of Southeastern Massachusetts.


 They met with the following members : Hosam Mahmoud (President), Jamal Mir ( Vice President), Nelson Ibrahim Resendes ( Law Enforcement Liaison, Martin Bentz ( Outreach Coordinator) and founding member Hassan Laithy.


The members were greatly moved by the Chief's sincere questions and great interest in the Muslim community. Chief Cordeiro and Ms Batchilder spent over an hour learning more about Islam, building bridges with the local commnity and establishing great affinity with the members of the masjid.


We all welcomed future opportunities for further dialogue and exchanges between the New Bedford Police Department and the members of the Muslim community.


L to R : Jamal Mir (Vice President), Martin Bentz (Public Outreach Coordinator), Nelson Ibrahim Resendes

(Law Enforcement Liaison), Hosam Mahmoud (President), Joseph Cordeiro ( Chief of Police) and Hassan Laithy (founding member).

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