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      In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate, and following the life and example of His Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), the purpose of Islamic Society of Southeastern  Massachusetts (ISSMass) and Masjid Al Ehsan is to:

      Provide a place of worship and guidance in Islamic principles to members of  the Muslim community of Southeastern Massachusetts including Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fairhaven, Wareham, Westport ,

Fall River, Somerset and Swansea.

      Provide education in universal Islamic values and principles to the Muslim children of the members of the Islamic Society of Southeastern Massachusetts.

      Promote  understanding  and accurate information about Islam to the Greater Southeastern Massachusetts community.

      Establish and maintain good working relations with all local religious and municipal leaders. 


      Welcome and assist Muslim students while attending institutions of higher learning in Southeastern Massachusetts, especially University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

      Help and support members of the Muslim community from multiple cultural backgrounds integrate into the Southeastern Massachusetts community and society.

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