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The Islamic Society of Southeastern Massachusetts condemns any acts of violence and the loss of life of the innocent civilians in the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. We wish to call for immediate cessation of all violence, the mass killings, mass bombings, and destruction
of buildings and houses.  

We ask the world community to be fair and just in solving this conflict which has been ongoing for over 75 years. The root cause of this conflict and violence is the denial of the rights of Palestinians for living in peace and dignity in their own homeland. The world community must insist on the two-state solution. Muslim communities in New England have many people of Palestinian heritage.


Therefore, our hearts are with those innocent people under occupation and under severe blockade since 2007. Let the people of Gaza and West Bank live in dignity. We pray to God to give them relief from the occupation, oppression, and humiliation they suffer every day because of the occupation. While we deeply abhor the loss of innocent lives on both sides, we regret the conditions that have fostered this conflict.  We offer our condolences to the families of all innocent people who have
lost their lives.


As a principle of Islam, we call on all forces to use restraint and desist from harming non-combatants and innocent civilians, especially women, children, and the elderly.  We pray this conflict will cease immediately. May God’s Mercy and Compassion compensate all those who are suffering injustices.


May God protect us and guide us.

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