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Mosque Minarets

Islamic Society of Southeastern Mass. Responds to

Multiple Natural Disasters


SubhanAllah. We are all yearning to respond to the many simultaneous and horrific natural disasters in Morocco, Libya, Indonesia and elsewhere around the world. We are reminded we rely on the Mercy of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala).

Our existence is at the discretion of Allah who created us for His purposes. Allah reminds us He created us to test who will be mindful and remember Him at all times. Allah asks us to strive to be the best in good deeds. While Allah warns those who go astray with destruction, Allah also offers His Mercy to all those suffering in calamity. Our faith reminds us Allah will compensate those who died in the violent disasters with the expiation of their sins or mistakes in this world with a better life in the hereafter (jannah).

May Allah grant all who suffer His Mercy and Compassion. We pray for patience and strength for those affected by these many disasters. We who are untouched can turn to Allah in our prayers and our actions. We expiate our mistakes by giving in charity to help relieve the suffering of those affected.

Masjid Al Ehsan - Islamic Society of Southeastern Massachusetts encourages people to donate to known agencies such Helping Hand USA(, Islamic Relief USA (, or Baitulmaal ( (the list is suggestive only, not comprehensive) with infrastructure and contacts in place. “Go Fund Me” initiatives, though well-meaning, often use well-intended contributions for administrative purposes, resulting in less support getting to those in need.


May Allah guide us, give strength to those delivering aid and, most of all, give succor to all who have suffered in these many catastrophic events

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